Daska debacle PTI govt
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Daska by-election another debacle for PTI govt after Gillani’s victory

By Rehan Khan ISLAMABAD, Monday, April 12, 2021 (WNP): After Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani’s victory in the Senate election, the Daska by-election is another debacle for the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government (PTI) which is trying to take an undue credit of disintegration of an unholy alliance of the opposition parties, united under the umbrella of Pakistan […]

Cher Kaavan movie debut
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Cher and the Loneliest Elephant: Kaavan makes his movie debut on April 22

CAMBODIA, Sunday, April 11, 2021 (AP/WNPA): A documentary on the ‘world’s loneliest elephant’, Kaavan’s journey from solitary confinement in Pakistan to a sanctuary in Cambodia is going to be released on April 22. Titled Cher & The Loneliest Elephant, the documentary tells the tale of 36-year-old Asian elephant Kaavan’s journey and will stream on Paramount+. A […]

growth Islamic banking assets
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30pc growth reported in Islamic banking assets in FY 2019-20

KARACHI, Thursday, March 24, 2021 (WNP): Pakistan has recorded a 30 per cent growth in Islamic banking assets during the 2020 fiscal year. According to a report released by the State Bank of Pakistan on Wednesday, the overall deposits of the Islamic banking industry have also shown a growth of 27.8pc in 2020. This, the […]

Pakistan beat South Africa
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Pakistan beat South Africa by 4 wickets in tight finish to first T20

JOHANNESBURG, Saturday, April 10, 2021 (AFP/WNP): Pakistan defeated South Africa by four wickets in a thrilling finish to the first Twenty20 international at the Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg on Saturday. Needing 11 of the last over, Pakistan reached home with just one ball remaining. Hasan Ali and Mohammad Rizwan scampered for a third run after […]

US Angela visit Gwadar
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امریکی ناظم الاُمور اینجلا ایگلر کا دورہ گوادر

اسلام آباد ( ۸ اپریل ۲۰۲۱ ء)۔۔ریاستہائے متحدہ امریکہ کی ناظم الاُمور اینجلا ایگلر نے آٹھ اپریل کو گوادر کا دورہ کیا۔ ایگلر  پندرہ سال میں گوادر کا دورہ کرنے والی پہلی امریکی عہدیدارہیں اور یہ اُن کا بلوچستان کا دوسرا دورہ تھا۔ اس موقع پر انہوں نے بحری سلامتی (میری ٹائم سیکیورٹی )کے اُمور […]

قوم مضبوط تعليمي
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قوم لاءِ مضبوط تعليمي بنياد ضروري آهي

صنم جوڻيجو تعليم انسان جو زيور آهي ۽ اهو زيور انسان کي انسان بڻائيندو آهي ۽ معاشري ۾ ان کي بلند مقام تي پهچائيندو آهي، خاص ڪري اڄ جي دور ۾ ڪا به قوم تعليم کانسواءِ ترقي نٿي ڪري سگهي پر افسوس جي ڳالهه اها آهي ته جتي ڪجهه ماڻهو ان زيور کان آراسته ٿيندا […]

Run for Kashmir tele-marathon cellphone application, Roshan Digital Account launched in Paris

Run for Kashmir tele-marathon cellphone application

Pakistan can benefit from French expertise in Agriculture, livestock sectors

Ambassador of Pakistan to France Mr. Moin ul Haque, during his day long visit to various fresh produce, livestock and dairy farms in Burgundy region of France on Sunday, said Pakistan can learn from French modern farming methods and agricultural best practices to increase its agriculture output, livestock yield and bring value addition to its dairy sector.

Kashmiri, Pakistani diaspora in France urged to focus on Kashmir issue amid COVID-19

PARIS, Friday, June 5, 2020 (WNP/DL): Ambassador of Pakistan to France Moin ul Haque Friday held a virtual meeting with Kashmiri and Pakistani diaspora in France on the Kashmir issue.

Pakistan has potential to become top tourist destination: French mountaineer

PARIS, Thursday, June 04, 2020 (WNP/DL): Ambassador of Pakistan to France Moin ul Haque Thursday held a virtual meeting with Ms. Francoise Cadoux – a renowned French mountaineer and traveler who had recently published a book about her travels to Pakistan and China.

Pakistan - a favorable destination for mountaineering, extreme sports; Moin ul Haque discloses to French writers

PARIS, Wednesday, May 27, 2020 (WNP/DL): The French and European alpinists, trekkers, skiers, and adventure sports enthusiasts are choosing Pakistan as their preferred destination. Ambassador of Pakistan to France Moin ul Haque said while talking to Ms. Berenice Rocfort and Ms. Emilie Brouze, the two French writers and journalists who co-authored the book “Winter in Himalaya-an ultimate challenge”, during a virtual meeting held in Paris.

Envoy urges Pakistani diaspora in France to keep Kashmir issue alive in these testing times

PARIS, Saturday, May 16, 2020 (WNP/DL): Ambassador of Pakistan to France Moin ul Haque Saturday held a virtual meeting with Pakistani diaspora in France and discussed various issues being faced by them amid lockdown in the wake of coronavirus pandemic.