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Rabbani asks govt to disclose IMF terms, conditions for bailout package

ISLAMABAD May 17 (WNP): Former Senate Chairman Senator Mian Raza Rabbani Friday issued a rejoinder to Advisor to Prime Minister on Finance, Revenue, and Economic Affairs Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh over his statement that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) had nothing to do with the National Financial Commission (NFC) Award.
He said the statement of learned advisor was in total contradiction of the statement issued by IMF Team Head Ramirez Rigo who visited Islamabad from April 29 to May 11, according a press released issued here.
Ramirez Rigo, in his statement, said, “To improve fiscal management the authorities will engage provincial governments on exploring options to rebalance current arrangements in the context of the forthcoming NFC Award.”
Rabbani said either Shaikh was unaware of the expectations of the IMF or was deliberately misleading the people. The IMF agreement had not been shared with the cabinet or Parliament till date in order to shield such secret clauses, he added.
He said the free float of dollar had resulted in a five percent increase within one day as a consequence of which Pakistan’s foreign debt had increased by Rs667 billion.
“If there are no secret agreements that are detrimental to national security, provincial autonomy and wellbeing of the common man then, why the government deliberately hiding the IMF agreement’s terms,” he questioned.

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