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Weekly bazaars going out of mediocre reach

ISLAMABAD, May 17 (WNP): Weekly bazaars which once were the blessing for the poor, are going out of the reach even of the mediocre families of the federal capital due to burgeoning inflation.
According to some buyers at weekly bazaar in Sector H-9, the inflation is showing upward trend with every passing day and the daily use commodities’ prices are going high as there is no proper mechanism to control the prices.
Talking to this scribe, a buyer Nadia Nazeer said weekly bazaars which were meant to facilitate low and middle income people, are not providing desired relief to the public.
Another buyer Anwar Ali said the vendors have raised the prices of fruits, dates, lemons, spinach, green chilies as their demands increase in the holy month of Ramazan.
The local residents have asked the Islamabad Capital Territory Administration to crackdown against the profiteers in order to provide a sigh of relief to the people especially in this sacred month.
On the contrary, the sellers claimed that high rents of shops and transportation charges force them to increase the prices.
Furthermore they excused that the inflation is rising because of devaluation of the Pakistani rupee against the US dollar.

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