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27,000 new TB cases report every year

ISLAMABAD, May 20 (WNP): The number of patients diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB) is increasing in Pakistan as estimated 27,000 new cases are reported every year in the country.
According to an official of National Coordinator TB Control Programme, total TB cases incidence rate per year is 525,000 in Pakistan while the figure of TB cases under treatment is 368,589.
Sharing the official available data, he said as many as 160,000 patients are missed from treatment while 56,000 deaths are occurred due to TB in Pakistan every year.
The official said 1,571 microscopy centers have been working in the country. He added TB treatment success rate is 93 percent.
He said the government has paid special attention to this critical issue and strengthened the program for providing a free treatment to TB patients.
He said more than three hundred thousand TB patients are benefiting free diagnostic and treatment facilities every year in Pakistan.
He said more than 30 hospitals have been upgraded to take care of multi-drug resistant TB cases and 13 laboratories equipped with state of the art facilities are being established in various parts of the country.
He said the government is committed to achieve the target of eliminating the disease from the country and sought support of all stakeholders in this regard.
He said the government has planned several activities to raise public awareness about the devastating health, social and economic consequences and to step up efforts to end the disease epidemic.
He said it was in 1882 when Dr Robert Koch announced that he had discovered the bacterium that causes TB, which opened the way towards diagnosing and curing this disease.
He said every year TB day is celebrated on the urgency to act on the commitments made by global leaders to control the disease. He said that TB remains the world’s deadliest infectious killer.
Each day, nearly 4500 people lose their lives to TB and close to 30,000 people fall ill with this preventable and curable disease, he added.
He said global efforts to combat TB have saved an estimated 54 million lives since the year 2000 and reduced the TB mortality rate by 42%.
He added to accelerate the TB response in countries to reach targets heads of states came together and made strong commitments to end TB at the first-ever UN High Level Meeting in September 2018.

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