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SMEDA to establish product development center in Sialkot

ISLAMABAD, May 20 (WNP):Endeavoring to increase quality production of composites based sports goods to enhance Pakistan’s exports, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority (SMEDA) is establishing product development center (PDC) in Sialkot to provide technical consultancy to Small and Medium Enterprises.
Talking to this scribe here on Monday, an official of the SMEDA said with the estimated cost of 487.97 million, the center will provide common facility services in the manufacturing of composite sports goods like Hockey sticks, Baseball and Cricket bats, Billiard Ques, Rackets, Fishing Tackle, Golf sticks etcetera.
He further said the sports sector already enjoys very strong linkages with international sports goods brands and the PDC will further help and prepare local industry to aggressively enter the international market of composite based sports goods.
In total the composite converted/ convertible world sports sector export was 15% in 2015. However, Pakistan’s share in this market in 2015 was merely US$ 1.67 million which is 0.02% of the global composite converted/ convertibles market.
He said sports goods sector is one of the main export sectors of the Sialkot city with total exports of over US$ 400 million in 2015 but still it has a lot of potential which needs to be explored and utilized to increase exports of sports related goods.
He was of the view that the PDC project will help the industry to graduate from basic to advanced and high tech sports goods through provision of services such as chemical and physical testing, technical consultancy, skill development, laboratory testing of products and raw material, and to development of Prototypes for different products.
He said the center will enhance productivity and quality of the sport goods by providing technical consultancy services to new and existing industrial units and expected to increase the exports of the composites based sports goods from US$1.67 million to US$319.39 million by 2025.
He said as one of the major components of the services, the PDC would conduct research on development of prototypes for composite based sports goods, which the industry is still unable to market properly due to lack of technical knowhow.
He further said in order to build capacity of the private sector to improve productivity, the PDC would also provide technical expertise to the units which are facing problems in manufacturing composites based products.
The center would also impart training in various fields of composite technology including material identification and selection, inspection and testing, basic machine operations and composite technology to enable our industry to produce international quality products, he said.
He said Asia-Pacific region is expected to be the largest market for composites based sporting goods due to the increased demand from skis and snowboards, golf stick, racket, and bicycle applications.
In addition, easy availability of raw materials, low labor costs, growing manufacturing industries, new product developments, capacity expansions, and new plant establishments by various leading players are few factors leading to the growth of the Sports Composites Market in this region, he added.
He said to ensure micro-economic stability of Pakistan, we need to amplify the exports of the country.
The sports goods sector of Sialkot has a lot of potential and through this project we aimed at facilitating the investors by providing technical sports to increase exports of composites based sporting goods.

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