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Afghanistan produces 75% drugs to world: Lt Gen Qayyum

ISLAMABAD, May 22 (WNP): Seventy Five percent of drugs supplied to the world are produced in Afghanistan, and Pakistan, unfortunately is the gateway.
Convenor Sub-Committee on the Standing Committee on Narcotics Control, Senator Lt General Abdul Qayyum HI (M) Retd, while delivering a talk to the students and faculty of COMSATS University on Wednesday.
He said this has made Pakistan particularly vulnerable and is costing the country its youth.
Abdul Qayyum encouraged the students to join hands with various institutions fighting against drug abuse in the country and take responsibility as partners against this menace.
He said it is important not only to protect ourselves, but everyone around us. This is the only way we can fulfill our responsibility to society and work towards its prosperity, he added.
He said defeating all negative forces that threaten society is imperative to our sustainability.
He assured the students that he would work towards strengthening legislation against the spread of drugs in Pakistan and he would also ensure that everyone responsible for its spread is taken to task.
He said he would work towards passage of a bill that would allow educational institutions to take action against all those who use and push drugs on campus.
However, he stressed the need for motivation as the best mode of fighting against this menace.
He said that working towards a better environment for our youth is the only way to protect them.
Anti-Narcotics Force (North) Director Enforcement Brigadier Mubashir Hassan Kazmi, while discussing the organization’s role in curbing drugs on campus, stressed the need to look at drug abuse as a social problem that can only be dealt with when society comes together and joins hands.
He encouraged the youth to protect themselves and said in order to be safe it was imperative that they do not use drugs even socially.
He said formulation of drug prevention policies is essential to fight against this intricate network that offers no exit options to those who enter.
He added that currently there is no efficient rehabilitation facilities in the country which is alarming because once narcotics use begins there is no way out.
The Senate sub-committee was especially formed to visit different educational institutions in Pakistan to gauge the enormity of the problem of drug abuse in Pakistan’s youth and through brainstorming of ideas, formulate a strategy to curb it.

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