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Indian Muslims future is at stake under Modi’s leadership: Rehman Malik

ISLAMABAD, May 26 (WNP): Former Interior Minister and Senate Standing Committee on Interior Chairman Senator A Rehman Malik Sunday expressed his worries for the future of Indian Muslims as India is becoming dangerous place for minorities under the Hindu extremist party –BJP that won election in nexus with RSS.

He said the Indian election has set a preamble for more violations against Muslims in India and making the India even more perilous and lethal with every passing day.

“RSS – Daesh nexus worked together to make BJP win the election and now it will operate as anti-Kashmiri and Muslim wing,” he said.

Senator A Rehman Malik said unfortunate is our region which is going to receive more threats after the Narendra Modi assume charges as Prime Minister of India for his second term.

He said after recent series of attacks on Easter Sunday dated April 21, in Sri Lanka by Daesh trained in India under the nose of Prime Minster Narendra Modi, the region is under more threat.

He said now the Daeshism and newly emerging terrorist phenomena of RSS-ism will be growing in the region.

He said in Indian elections, the RSS-ism and Daeshism made BJP and Modi won whereas voters lost against it.

He said it is evident that the world’s so called largest democracy stood exposed by the discriminatory role of BJP to block Muslims to contest elections on their own political platform.

He added that RSS has always remained against Mahatma Gandhi and had killed him too and now RSS is heading to overshadow “Mahatma Gandhi” by elevating Narendra Modi to be “Mahatma Modi” and it is engineering ideology to make Modi as “Mahatma Modi” replacing “Mahatma Gandhi”.

Rehman Malik said in upcoming years Indian will emerge like Nazi state as PM Modi is highly impressed from Hitler having his belief lesser in peace and more in wars.

He said after the victory of Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Narendra Modi, the Muslims in India will face more fear for their future as just days later of the Indian elections, an elderly Muslim trader was accosted by a mob and in another incident a young Muslim was beaten by mob of Hindu extremists alleging him for slaughtering the cow.

He said the voice of Indian Muslim is being muted by RSS- BJP. He said alone between May 2015 and December 2018, more than 44 people out of which 36 were Muslims were killed across 12 Indian states in mob attacks.

He urged the international community, United Nations and human rights bodies to take serious notice of minority persecution in India which will be increasing further in upcoming years under the premiership of Narendra Modi.

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