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Long Eid break in UAE: Air ticket prices soar as holidays draw closer

Dubai, May 29 (Gulf News/WNP): With UAE residents expecting to spend long Eid Al Fitr holidays, airlines are cashing in on high demand for travel abroad by ratcheting up ticket prices.

The seats for flights from the UAE to top travel destinations are also fast running out, so travel is going to be pricier, or not guaranteed, for those who have yet to finalise their holiday plans.

Emirates flights that leave on June 3 and return on June 8 can cost Dh5,205 for those looking to travel to Paris, Dh4,285 for travellers bound to Munich and Dh3,425 for flyers bound for either Barcelona or London.

Holidaymakers who wish to fly out to Yerevan in Armenia on June 3 and return on June 8 won’t have any luck: all seats are sold out.

Flights are even costlier for Yerevan-bound travellers with outbound flights on June 3 and return journeys on June 7, with economy tickets costing Dh5,485 per person. Those who plan to travel to Georgia via Batumi airport won’t find any seats available, while those who opt to travel via Belfast airport can score tickets for Dh3,805.

Travel agents said that the rates for outbound travel during Eid, which is expected to commence on June 2 and June 3 for the public and private sector, respectively, have so far gone up by 20 per cent, and more price increases are expected over the next few days.

“Given the high demand for seats on certain sectors, we have seen a rise of approximately 20 per cent on fares for flights during Eid. In some cases, seats are completely sold out, too,” Premjit Bangara, general manager for travel at Sharaf Travel Services, told Gulf News.

He said residents in the UAE are particularly keen on travelling to Kenya, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Armenia for the Eid holidays.

Emirates had earlier launched a 15-day ticket sale for flights to various destinations. Last-minute travellers have three days left to secure tickets.

The UAE government has just announced the start of Eid holidays in UAE.

Eid Al Fitr for the public sector will start on Sunday, June 2 and run for one week. Work for employees in the government sector will resume on Sunday, June 9.

As for the private sector, Eid Al Fitr will start on June 3 until the third of Shawwal. Work will resume on the fourth of Shawwal.

The first day of Eid Al Fitr marks the end of the fasting month and the holiday usually runs for more than a day. This year, Ramadan started on May 6.

The UAE Cabinet had earlier issued a list of holidays for 2019 and it specified that the Eid holidays will begin on the 29th day of Ramadan and last until Shawwal 3.

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