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Zulfi’s prompt action resolved British bride’s husband case

LONDON, June 18 (WNP): After going through a harrowing story of Afshah Sanam highlighted by a section of media on how a fake case of kidnapping was registered against her husband by her father using his political influence on police, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis Zulfi Bukhari taking notice of the media report regarding the fake case against a 19-year-old- British Pakistani bride’s husband, directed the Punjab police to probe into the matter as Labour MP Naz Shah had asked him to provide his helping hand in this particular case.

On Monday, a senior officer of Punjab police told the overseas ministry that he had talked to AJK inspector general and asked him to revoke the first information report registered by Mirpur police against Afshan Sanam’s bridegroom as marriage certificate had been presented to them.

On this, the senior police officer assured security to the bride’s family and reassured them that nobody would bother them again.

Naz Shah MP said she had spoken to Zulfi Bukhari and he assured her of help. She said she had been updated that the matter had been resolved and that the girl and her husband would not be blackmailed again.

“The fact is that they solemnised a proper Nikah and did nothing wrong. The Kashmir police must ask questions of the father for using a fake FIR against his daughter and her husband,” the MP said.

The Capital City Police Lahore on Sunday visited home of her husband Saul Steve, 27. Afshah Sanam had alleged that her husband’s house was raided by the police after the bride’s British Pakistani father registered a fake case of kidnapping against him through the police in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir.

Afshah Sanam had alleged that her father Khalid Hussain, a Stockton taxi driver originally from Mirpur, had travelled to Lahore and Mirpur to get a case registered against her husband after she love-married to the professional photographer on her own free will.

Her family did not like her decision and used their connections with a PTI leader in Kashmir to pressurise the Christian family of Saul Steve to divorce his British wife.

Afshah Sanam alleged that her husband’s aunt was arrested by the police and kept unlawfully in detention for two months to pressurise Steve to divorce her.

After hearing the news on Monday, Afshah and Steve thanked the media for highlighting their case. They also thanked specially to Zulfi Bukhari and Naz Shah for their help.

Afshah said, “I really did love Pakistan and I wanted to settle my life there but I lost trust. I hope the Mirpur police would change the way they work and help those who are actually in danger. I will be going back to Pakistan soon.”

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