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Saudi Arabia ‘wants to avoid war with Iran at all costs’

LONDON, June 20 (Sky News/WNP): Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister has told Sky News his country wants to avoid war with Iran at all costs.

Adel Al-Jubeir denied suggestions by Iran that Saudi Arabia was trying to provoke a war.

He said: “That is ridiculous. We have made it clear and so has the US. The escalation has come from the Iranian side with their aggressive behaviour.

“We are trying to avoid a war at all costs. We are consulting with our friends and allies to see what options and steps can be taken.

“Iran has to understand that its aggressive behaviour cannot be sustained.”

He said that tougher sanctions on Iran could be implemented and added: “The burden is on Iran to reduce its aggression and act like a normal country.”

The US was considering a response to an Iranian missile strike that brought down a US Navy drone over the Strait of Hormuz which Iran has threatened to close.

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