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Tax Amnesty Scheme: A golden opportunity for declaring undeclared assets: PM

ISLAMABAD, June 21 (WNP): Prime Minister Imran Khan in an address to the nation Friday urged citizens to declare their assets under the government’s tax amnesty scheme before the June 30, deadline.

“We are stuck in a debt trap,” he told viewers. “Why are we here? We are here because of corruption and theft of taxes. You don’t need to worry about corruption any longer, because we will not let it go. The problem now is tax theft. To end tax theft, I need your help,” he said.

“Until the people do not resolve, along with the government, to extricate itself from these loans, they will not be able to get out if [the debt trap].”

“I have initiated this scheme [under which] you can declare your assets until June 30.”

“This scheme is a golden opportunity for you to declare money you’ve kept at home, dollars, jewelry, benami accounts and foreign assets that you possess,” he said.

The prime minister praised the generosity of Pakistanis when it comes to making charitable donations to institutions such as Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, or for gathering funds to provide aid to flood and earthquake-hit areas in Pakistan.

“Next year, we need to collect Rs5.5 trillion in revenue. In my view, if the people are resolved, we can gather more than Rs8.5tr every year. Our problems would be solved. We can be free, we can stand on our own two feet, get our people out of poverty. We can brighten our childrens’ future. But for this, I need your help.”

“The Federal Board of Revenue has all the data. If you go to the FBR website, you will find out what data we possess. I don’t want difficulties for you [in the future], that’s why; I want you to take advantage of [the scheme],” he said.

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