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Pakistan’s Zainab Abbas lauded by ICC official Aarti Singh

LONDON, June 27 (WNP): Famed Pakistani presenter and ICC digital insider Zainab Abbas collected praise from ICC Head of Media Rights, Broadcast & Digital Aarti Singh Dabas who commended her for carrying out an insightful interview with Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed.

Hailing Zainab’s work as ‘fantastic’, Aarti tweeted:

Zainab graciously accepted the compliment and replied:

“Means a lot coming from you! Thank you.”

In the interview that garnered acclaim from all around, Sarfaraz spoke his heart out about the ordeal of getting abused with son after his team lost to India.

Sarfaraz revealed that the incident of harassment and fat shaming was even more hurtful as he was his son who is quite young.

He went on to share how his wife was deeply saddened by the viral video and the fan’s behavior:

“I was very angry at that moment, but if I had gotten into an argument people would not have seen the truth and I would’ve been seen in a negative light instead. That’s why I felt not reacting to the incident was the best response as I left it to God,” he said.

Sarfaraz told Zainab: “But when the video became viral my body language was demotivated. It was not because of me. It was because of my son Abdullah who was with me at that time. That’s why it hurt me even more.”

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