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FM discusses IoK fast deteriorating situation with UNHCHRs

GENEVA, Sept 11 (WNP): Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi has met United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHRs), Michelle Bachelet to discuss the fast deteriorating human rights situation in the Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK).

On Tuesday, the foreign minister highlighted that India’s illegal and unilateral actions were not only in breach of international human rights and humanitarian law but also violated the United Nations Security Council Resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir.

He apprised the high commissioner that since August 5, over 6,000 people have been arrested. Young boys in large numbers have been abducted and subjected to torture and other inhuman and degrading treatment.

Several peaceful defiant demonstrations have been suppressed by extreme force, including the use of live ammunition and pellet guns, killing and maiming scores of men, women and children.

Due to the lockdown, Kashmiris are unable to access food or medicines. Without medical supplies, Kashmiri hospitals are turning into graveyards.

He underlined that India’s record of repression and human rights violations has been extensively documented in OHCHR’s two reports but India had continued with the abuses.

Pakistan had welcomed the two reports. The foreign minister underscored the importance of OHCHR’s reporting process on human rights situation in IoK. The important mandate of high commissioner gives a big hope for relief to the long-suffering people of IoK.

High Commissioner Michele Bachelet informed that her office was monitoring the human rights situation in IoK.

Earlier in her statement at the Human Rights Council on Tuesday, the high commissioner has raised deep concerns about the impact of recent actions by India on human rights of Kashmiris and appealed to India to ease current restrictions.

In the last six weeks of worsening human rights and security situation in IoK, the foreign minister has held telephonic conversation with the High Commissioner and addressed two detailed letters to her on IoK’s human rights situation.

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