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Amnesty International continuing global drive to highlight Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir

New Delhi, Friday, Sept 13 (WNP): Amnesty International has been continuing its global drive  #LetKashmirSpeak in a bid to highlight ongoing Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir since September 5.

The international watchdog has called for an end to lockdown in the held valley which entered 40th consecutive day on Friday, urging  India to let the people of Muslim majority region speak.

In a video posted on Twitter, Amnesty International has exposed  gruesome crimes being committed by Indian forces against people of  Occupied Kashmir.

The video was posted with a caption  that said 8 million people under lockdown. in the World’s most militarized zone.

The video provides a glimpse on the crisis in occupied Kashmir that has gripped the Muslim majority region since August 5 after India revoked its autonomy.

The Amnesty International said : “The Kashmir Blackout is over 40 days old.8 million people under lockdown in the most militarized zone in the world.

 Cellphones and Internet remain disconnected. Families unable to speak with loved ones.

The government in near-total control of information.

All this amidst reports of: Disrupted emergency services, mid-night raids, torture, tear gas, rubber bullets, pellet guns, detention of thousands of Kashmiris including doctors, journalists, political leaders, activists.

The human cost of this blackout cannot be ignored. Lift the blackout. #LetKashmirSpeak.

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