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Why Murtaza Bhutto was murdered? Fatima Bhutto questions

ISLAMABAD, Sept 20 (WNP): Why Murtaza Bhutto was murdered? a question whose answer Fatima Bhutto is looking for since last 23 years.

Fatima Bhutto, the daughter of Murtaza Bhutto, on her father’s 23rd death anniversary shared a video clip on her twitter handle in which the slain leader had already predicted his murder publicly and criticized Asif Ali Zardari for creating two factions in the party.

She has appealed her followings to screen this clip at least once so that they can reach a conclusion who was behind the scene of her father’s murder.

She has expressed her disappointment over the irresponsible behaviour of states apparatus who failed to bring the killers of her father to justice till the day.

It is , in fact, a clear-cut message to all that she is still in trauma of her father’s death and she will not be able come out of this mental condition until she will be provided justice.


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