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Candlelight vigil held to pay tribute to Dr Nimrita

Mirpur Mathelo, Sept 19 (WNP): a large number of people from all walks of life Thursday demonstrated a candlelight vigil rally across the city to pay tributes to Dr Nimrita Chandani.

Dr Nimrita was a final year medical student of Bibi Asifa Dental College, Larkana who was found dead in her hostel room on Monday (September 16).

Dr Nimrita’s parents also participated in the rally and demanded of the quarter concerned to bring her killers to justice.

Khairpur Medical College also held a candlelight vigil and also observed one minute silence in the honour of Dr Nimrita.

On this occasion, a new characteristic of Dr Nimrita was also highlighted that she was loving and socialist figure. She with the assistance of her other friends opened a school for the poor children in her area.

She was a brave and an intellectual girl and her murder was a murder of the whole humanity, the participants expressed these views.

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