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PTI fails to deliver even after passage of year: Public

ISLAMABAD, Monday 23 (WNP): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government has failed to provide any kind of relief to the public even after the passage of a year in corridors of power.

According to the people from different walks of life, Prime Minister Imran Khan has no roadmap for getting the country out of prevailing social, political and financial crisis.

To hide his failure, he is putting opposition leaders behind the bars on corruption charges through anti-graft body in a bid to gain cheap popularity not only at national but international fora.

Further more; he is trying to build a soft image in the public that he is against corruption, corrupt practices and corrupt elements.

He is not meeting his promises, he made with the public before general election 2018, these are a few gossips on social media over the poor performance of the PTI government these days.

Here you are a video clip in which a lady is reciting a poem criticizing Imran Khan for not taking adequate measures to provide a sigh of relief to the people who were having high expectations with his government.

Here you are another video clip of a newscaster from a private news channel who is pointing out flop financial policies of the incumbent government through his own living conditions.

He said his salary gets finished till the 10th date of the every month and rest of the days become difficult to spend without money.

He urged Prime Minister Imran Khan to help ease tension of the people so that they can live a peaceful life without any mental stress.

Here you are another video clip of a man from the general public, who is also asking Prime Minister Imran Khan about the expected prosperity, he promised to bring after taking reins of power of the country.

He said he used to eat his meal cooked in pure clarified ghee but since the inception of PTI government, he is forced to eat bread with an egg.

He said the inflation has been increasing with every passing day and it has made the life of common man more miserable.

Over all, Prime Minister Imran Khan has been asked to focus on public issues and get them resolved on priority.

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