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Inside story: Dr Firdous under fire due to informal talk on quake, change

ISLAMABAD, Sept 25 (WNP): Electronic and social media have launched an undue criticism over Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan – Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting – for cutting a joke during an informal talk on the conclusion ceremony of a seminar over digital media regarding earthquake and change here on Tuesday.

Her informal talk has been twisted by some of the media persons in order to give her a tough time as the other day she gave some negative remarks about journalists’ community, according to some media persons.

They said she is being paid the price of her loose talk regarding journalists’ community which pinched some the journalists present on the occasion.

Last night, she explained through a video message that her gossip is being presented out of content as she did not mean what some electronic and social media is trying to portray. But her message did not work and her character assassination continued as usual till the filling of this story both on electronic and social media.

This day while talking to media, she once again elaborated her small talk over earthquake and change which has opened a new Pandora box all across the country.

A senior journalist, requesting anonymity, termed today’s media as ‘Frankenstein monster’ and undermining media persons is meant to ruin one’s own social and as well as professional life.

“Surely after this adventure, she will not say a single word even in her loneliness against the media persons,” he opined.

He was of the view that he could not resolve the conundrum about the psyche of such people “when they are not in power, they are very sweet to media and journalists for the publication or broadcasting of their opinions but after entering the corridors of power, they totally get changed.”

Interrupting him another seasoned journalist said media should play a balanced role keeping aside its personal grudges against anyone.

Pakistan is facing various serious issues both internally and externally so in this situation it is our duty to do responsible reporting to ease the prevailing tense situation across the country, he added.

He proposed that the special assistant’s informal talk chapter should be closed now as it could affect its political career.

He lauded her efforts for taking journalism to the new heights of digitization and expressed the hope that she would continue her struggle for the well-being of journalists’ community through thick and thin.

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