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Don’t harass me, I want to shine; weaker sex appeals

By Rehan Ghauri

ISLAMABAD, Sept 26 (WNP): Harassing women in our society is a common phenomena and it is the main hindrance in the grooming and development of more than 50% populated segment (women) of the country.

The government has introduced a couple of legislation to over come this social evil but it is widely practiced without any fear across the country because of the lack of implementation of the laws made to get rid of such nuisance from our society.

The majority of harassment cases are not reported to any accountability institution like Federal Ombudsman Secretariat for Protection Against Harassment because  it is considered a bad omen in the male-dominate society.

The harassed women mostly dumped such issues in order to continue their war of survival but Zoya Ayaz has raised her voice against this common issue being faced by the weaker sex of the society.

On Saturday (Sept 21), when she was crossing a pedestrian bridge built at Abu Bakar Block New Garden Town Lahore, a nonsense blocked her way who was without clothes and started masturbating right in front of her.

Witnessing such a horrible situation all of sudden made her stunned for a while, as soon as she normalized, she started making a video clip of the nuisance through her cell phone camera.

When Zoya asked that wild animal to do once again in front of the camera, she was attacked.

Since the day, she was suffering from a mental agony. Today (Thursday, Sept 26) she decided to viral the sad incident through her social media account so that she can expose the culprit to the people and highlight the issue.

The aim of bringing this incident in the limelight of the social media is a clear-cut message to the quarter concerned to take a stern action against the nonsense and launch a countrywide drive to save your sisters and daughters etc.

In her silent message to her viewers, she has appealed, “Don’t harass me, I want to shine.”

The message is in general term for all those indulged in the practice of harassing the women through different tactics.

Here you are a latest another harassment incident, in which a beard man seems to be in his 60s sitting right behind a woman’s seat in a bus started rubbing her back constantly.

In the beginning she tried to ignore as she was traveling with her kid but when this inhuman did not stop and kept on doing so constantly, she lost her temper and slapped him and asked him to say sorry publicly over his guilt.

The man apologized over his immoral behavior in front of all the people.

Mama what happen? is a big question for a sensible mother. Does anybody think she would be able to answer to her baby throughout her life about such an embarrassing situation? Of course not…………

It is high time to bring revolutionary reforms especially for the women security and uplift in our society if we want to compete rest of the world in every spheres of life.

In addition, it is an alarming situation for all law enforcement agencies to adopt preventive measures from the occurrence of such cases any more in the future.

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