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Exemption from fare a routine matter of police

ISLAMABAD, Oct 09 (WNP): It is a routine matter of police that they do not pay fare while they travel in any public transport either in Punjab or other provinces of the country.

In fact, they feel they are exempted from fare and if someone ask them for fare, it means he has committed an unpardonable offence in Pakistan.

The link of a video clip shared below is just one of minor examples of such issues especially pertaining to police department.

Look at this police officer from excise department, how stubborn he is, instead of excusing over his misconduct, he is trying to harass the journalist and asking him “who do you think you are to ask me the fare.”

He also threatened the journalist to stop making video clip otherwise; he has to face dire consequences.

This, in fact, is not his fault but the department, he is working. Who knows not how corrupt department is excise. In excise department from peon to xen are corrupt from head to toe, netizens particularly on social media expressed these views after screening this video clip on Wednesday.

They are of the view that there is a dire need to bring reforms in police department and before inducting any policeman, he has to go through a psychological test along his physical and educational tests.

They said 90% crime in our society is because of such personnel who themselves are not law abiding citizens. They feel themselves above the law, they opined.

The social media users have urged Punjab inspector general of police to take serious notice of such issues and give an exemplary punishment to such culprits who instead of following, breaking the law.

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