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India is being run by a man who knows not ‘strength’ spelling

ISLAMABAD, Oct 11 (WNP): Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a man who is alien to the spelling of ‘strength’ but it is one of wonders of the world that he is ruling over 1,370,158,825 heads in India.

This is an alarming situation as it has put a big question mark over the credibility of India and Indian nation that there was none better than this person in India who could be the head of state.

Suppose for a while, there is none in India but what happened with American President Donald Trump – a president of the most literate nation on earth – who attended his Texas rally ‘Howdy, Modi!’  hand in hand.

Well! this is not the first time that Indian prime minister has been the source of  disgrace for his nation whether it is the matter of shaking hand with world leaders at international fora.

The below shared Modi’s latest video clip is widely circulating on social media and the literate class of the world making a fun of him.

Screen this video clip, it will definitely bring a smile across your face and give a shock too that a man who knows not spelling of the word ‘strength’ is ruling India.

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