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Yes, I’m Hareem Shah who dared seating in PM’s chair

By Arwa Khan

ISLAMABAD, Oct 23 (WNP): Hareem Shah – a Tik Tok star – Wednesday touches new heights of fame over a night after her photo+videoshoots goes viral being taken in Foreign Office Conference Room where prime minister, foreign minister and think tanks decides Pakistan’s existing and future foreign policies.

Thanks to media for making an issue of a nonissue as I did not expect a gigantic response. If I spent my whole life to achieve this popularity, I’m sorry to say that I couldn’t but it’s because of our media that accomplished my life-long wish within a short span of time, these illusions must be hovering over her head after talking to private media one on one.

I’m loosing control over my nerves since then, how could I manage to sleep this night. I don’t know what to do should I celebrate it or wait for the proper time, a clash of many a plans and ideas was must be taking place in her mind.

Hardship is over, honeymoon period starts….. Very soon, I will receive offer calls from showbiz as well as from media….. media?  Why not; I’m good at speaking, I can be an anchorperson and host any prime time programme without any professional hurdles as I’ve personal links both in government and bureaucracy, she must be roaming around these thoughts.

May be, I will get a more lucrative offer to be a brand ambassador of any telecom company or become a showstopper of any multinational company’s ramp, she must be expecting many more things after this media trial.

If I couldn’t make a difference after all development, I will manage to be a personal secretary of any very important person in government or private organization; she must be giving a final shape to her daydreams and waiting for tomorrow desperately with a new spirit and hope…..

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