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Liberals laud Suhail Warraich for differentiating between blood, step relationships

By Rehan Khan

ISLAMABAD, Nov 25 (WNP): Liberal bent of minds have widely appreciated the seasoned journalist Suhail Warraich for his write-up “Wo Soteela hay” means “he is step in relation” in which he has defined in crystal-clear words the difference between the blood and step relationships in prevailing political scenario in the country.

He has not only written an article but also read-out it himself which is increasingly getting popular in all segments of society especially in liberal minded persons hailing from across the country.

He has boldly elaborated the double standard of ongoing accountability process in the wake of corruption cases against the former prime minister and president.

May be; it would pinch the government and some of the institutions but the Sohail Warraich has performed his professional obligation in a bid to persuade government, accountability and law enforcement institutions to review their polices over ongoing accountability drama staged for character assassination and victimization of opposition parties’ leaderships especially former president Asif Ali Zardari.

In his piece of writing, he has accused those who are at the helm of affairs of the state these days for keeping a soft corner for former prime minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and hard for Mr. Zardari.

He is of the view that the government should treat both of the accused hailing from Punjab and Sindh on equal basis. Otherwise, this kind of division would create hatred sentiments amongst Sindhis along with Balochis and Pashtuns.

Without going into further detail, here you are his (Suhail Warraich) visual and analyse his script yourself whether he is right or wrong, the decision will be yours…..

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