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Stopping over signal violation, a female motorist lost her temper, abused traffic wardens

By Rehan Khan

KARACHI, Nov 27 (WNP): An influential female motorist Tuesday lost her temper and started abusing traffic wardens on duty for stopping over signal violation from Khayabane Shujat to Khayabane Shahbaz.

Apparently, she was looking from a well off and an educated family but her foul language and arrogant attitude with the traffic wardens were telling a different story about her social caliber. She, in fact, seemed to be an educated illiterate.

Thanks to Allah Almighty, the traffic wardens took a timely initiative of making video clip of the whole incident and later on, uploaded on the social media.

If they did not do so, they had to pay a huge debt in the shape of their jobs termination. Now, the top brass of traffic police if approached by some influential people from provincial power corridors would think at least hundred times before taking any action against these two dutiful wardens who performed their professional obligation diligently.

On inquiring, she informed, she had no driving licence and declined to show even her computerized national identity card.

She consistently misbehaved with traffic wardens which is clearly visible in the viral video clip.

“Let me talk to your father,” she threatened them and made a phone call and asked to send someone to deal with these “old hacks” as it was below her standard to speak with them.

Later on, she closed the window of her side and started the car and ran away. On the contrary, the traffic warden could not do any thing and he remained stand by on the road helplessly.

He could not even resist as they commonly do with male road users on any traffic violation. He just screamed “you cannot move from here without challan” but no use.

According to media reports on Wednesday, a first information report (FIR) has been launched against the ill-tempered signal violator and she would be arrested soon.

But it is a universal truth that she won’t be taken to task because of her high social and political stature in the society and the case would be closed as usual happened in the past.

Is there anyone who could imagine the embarrassment they would feel before their children when they would come know about this insulting incident about their parents.

Physiologically, it would give a negative impression to their children and cause embarrassment for both sides.

It is beyond comprehension that what lacked in the nurturing and grooming of the so called literate class’s siblings whose elders are a symbol of inspiration for others but their family members like this idiot becomes a source of disappointment and disrespect.

Online verification of the registered vehicle discloses that the car carrying number plate “BGT-419” belongs to Pir Roshan Din Shah Rashdi.

Let’s see what twist comes in the story as this humiliating incident is widely condemned and criticized on social media by the sanity.

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