Psychological disorders or political gimmicks, what made Altaf Hussain to chant ‘Jiye Sindh’
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Psychological disorders or political gimmicks, what made Altaf Hussain to chant ‘Jiye Sindh’

KARACHI, Sunday, February 09, 2020 (WNP): Altaf Hussain – the founder and chief of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) – on Saturday chanted the slogan of ‘Jiye Sindh’ and urged Urdu speaker community to be Sindhi in true spirit as it is in their best interest.

Somehow, he seems to be a confused personality like a man suffering from psychological disorders in a video clip released by MQM London secretariat on Saturday, February 08. His tongue and expressions, in fact, were not supporting to his words due to his proven anti-Sindhi track record throughout the life.

According to a close aide to Altaf Hussain, he has gone of his head since the day he has been kicked out from the Pakistani politics for playing the role of double agent.

He went on to say that he has also been showed the door by the Indian intelligence agency – the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) – as he is good for nothing any more for it and his request of Indian immigration has been thrown into the dustbin by the Modi administration.

After this drop scene, he has made a good attempt to re-enter or be live in Pakistani politics through this video message. This sugar-coated message is a positive sign for the political parties in Sindh other than MQM-Pakistan as he has accused its incumbent leadership which is at the helm of affairs these days on the pay roll of the establishment.

Altaf said we will be called Sindhi where-ever we go in the world so as we are being called migrants even after spending seven decades in Sindh.

He directly or indirectly proposed Urdu speaker community to mix up with Sindhi people and remove differences and moreover, accept Sindh as their own land.

Talking to this scribe, an MQM-Pakistan seasoned leader requesting anonymity said in fact, “Bhai” has played his all cards and now there is nothing in his hands so he is playing political stunts like this video clip in a bid to be given another chance into the Pakistani politics.

According to his opinions, now it is not only difficult but also impossible for him to start afresh because “he is a man of no importance”.

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