Jemima’s unfolded message to IK, BB misinterpreted by media
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Jemima’s unfolded message to IK, BB misinterpreted by media

By Rehan Khan

ISLAMABAD, Monday, February 24, 2020 (WNP): Jemima Goldsmith, the former spouse of Prime Minister Imran Khan (IK) who is also the custodian of his two sons Suleman Khan and Qasim Khan, shared a poster depicting herself, IK and Bushra Bibi (BB) – the first lady.

It was a typical type of poster usually used for the promotion of films here in the Pakistani society but its peculiarity was that it was carrying Ik and his past and present wives’ portraits.

In spite of all, the first lady was being depicted as she was conjuring over IK and Jemima was witnessing whole the scene and mummering “what a spell you did”.

The wording “what a spell you did” over the poster was a bit romantic and the expression of Jemima’s feelings of love for IK and jealously – a common phenomenon to be found in women’s nature – for BB.

But unluckily media without going in depth of the message started criticism and misinterpret it, that is totally against the human basic rights and even against the media ethics too.

“What a spell you conjured” is a direct hit on BB as she is coupled with her ex-beloved to whom Jemima had almost spent nine years and gave birth of his two children but could not continue her sacred relationship due to typical taboos being practiced in the Pakistani society.

Indirectly, she has admitted that she is still in love with IK and wants to be reunited if given a chance once more in life.

This was the simple message she floated through her social media account twitter handle by sharing the hilarious poster but media drag it into another direction and peeped into IK’s personal and family affairs.

A love guru, talking to this scribe, said after having a glance over the shared poster, he could not control his feelings and started singing a song, sung by Lata Mangeshkar in 1981 for Kudrat movie which was picturized on Rajesh Khanna and Hema Malini; Tune o rangeele kaisa jaadu kiya, Piya piya bole matwala jiya…….

He said the one-sided love scene was on but the other side was not reciprocating due to social and religious norms.

He further said this was a temporary feeling and it would prevail as long as the IK was in the executive chair.

The guru also alarmed the IK not to have any more love affair to avoid any untoward incident which could tarnish both his private and public personas of life.

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