Soft greetings instilling lifeless feelings, emotions in youth
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Soft greetings instilling lifeless feelings, emotions in youth

By Rehan Khan

ISLAMABAD, Sunday, May 31, 2020 (WNP): Many moons ago, when the people were alien to the android technology, they used to exchange Eid cards with their loved ones especially on Eid festival.

Writing Eid card was once a big trend to wish the joys of the day to someone who was a bit close to your heart. It used to give an immense pleasure on both sides of the isle equally.

Even children used to exchange postcards, printed with photos of their favorite film-stars on the one side especially on the occasion of Eid.

But after Year 2000 (Y2K), a significant change was witnessed in the life style of the people across the globe due to the mushroom growth in the social media applications.

People, instead of Eid cards, started exchanging Eid greetings through short messaging service (SMS), electronic mail (email), Microsoft Network (MSN) messenger, Yahoo messenger etcetera.

But after the advent of new digital modes of communication like Facebook and WhatsApp, people entered into a new phase of life where feelings and emotions are based on emojis. That’s why; our young generation is turning towards the materialistic approach which ultimately is instilling lifeless feelings and emotions in them.

Taking a serious note of this burgeoning trend in the society, Syed Ehsan Gilani, a sociologist, said he did not pay heed towards such greetings which were “copy and paste” and forwarded just to get job done.

He said these days; everyone’s hand gadgets’ memories were full of impersonal messages and causing nervous breakdown in the youth. “This is one of main factors behind its short temper, depression and perplexion,” Gilani opined.

Reema Durrani, a socialist, said she did not find true passions in copy and paste greetings especially on the occasions of Eid, new year and birthday.

“This is the high time to console each other when the whole world is passing through a mental agony due to COVID-19 and the nation with PIA plan crash tragedy occurred in Karachi just before a couple of days of Eid,” she added.

Sharing her personal experience, Reema said she was still in habit of writing Eid, new year and birthday cards to her university life friends and sending on their postal addresses.

She said, ”It gives a blissful happiness to me whenever I receive a greeting in the shape of a hard copy.”

Wajahat Hussain, an English literature professor, said, “Either this is an old-fashioned to write an Eid card but it prints long-lasting psychological impression on the reader.”

He said the walls of my room were decorated with cards of various events including Eid, new year, father day, teacher day and birthday.

Those cards were written by my friends, colleagues and students, he said adding whenever, he went through them, it infused a new spirit of life in my body and opened new avenues of thoughts to move ahead both in private and public personas of life.

Wajahat proposed the youth to come out of fantasy’s life which existed for a short time and it had nothing to do with real happiness of life.

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